11 April 2017

Our Mission



The mission of Prime Advisory Network is defined by the following goals:

1. To assist, in all parts of the world and in the best professional manner, those entrepreneurs and companies that turn to it for advice, ensuring that they receive the necessary support to help grow their businesses, with full respect for current legislation and in a way to prevent or mitigate any risk;
2. To disseminate a culture of internationalization, as an important factor in development and success
3. To assist firms all over the world in managing their international networking activities.



How it works


Once the registration is finished, the international secretariat will contact the firm that was registered to provide a contact person in charge of the internationalization process of their firm. This contact person will be asked to provide the existent professional qualifications required to participate in the service.

Once the professional requirements have been verified, the international secretariat will assist the firm in familiarizing with the use of the webpage as well as in the compilation of the fee setting required by the corresponding colleagues.

The service is reserved only by qualified professionals and therefore it is not allowed the Access to third parties or to the final clients.

Finished the registration of all the information and documents provided by the firm, it will be possible to receive mandates from the corresponding colleagues or make a quote for their clients to be subjected to foreign colleagues. Contact them directly via phone or via chat on out portal and prove a global service to the customers.

For all the activities, you will be accompanied by an international secretariat that provides administrative services, which will be responsible directly of the receipts and payments by the users.




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