Country Report Bangladesh

Economic overview Bangladesh will be the third quickest developing economy on the planet regarding accomplishing high Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2019, as indicated by a United Nations report.  The report titled World Economic Situation and Prospects put Bangladesh just behind South Sudan and India. Bangladesh will extend at 7.4% this year, while India at Read more about Country Report Bangladesh[…]

Bahrain Country Report

Economic Overview – Bahrain The economy likely diminished in Q4 2018 as ebbing raw petroleum costs delayed the oil part. Additionally, declining costs for aluminum, the nation’s second-top fare, could likewise have hit financial development in the period. In increasingly positive news, all out non-oil trades quickened eminently in 2018, intelligent of expansion endeavors, while Read more about Bahrain Country Report[…]

Albania Country Report 2019

Economic Overview The economy seemed to stay on firm balance in the last quarter of 2018, despite the fact that development likely moderated from Q3’s powerful extension. More fragile power yield in the quarter likely burdened development, while lively development movement—as reflected in solid building grant development in Q4—buttressed the extension. Swinging to Q1, stock Read more about Albania Country Report 2019[…]

Algeria Country Report

Economic Overview Regardless of a powerful execution from the non-oil economy, development impeded somewhat from Q2’s as of now frail appearing in Q3, as oil and gas creation contracted at a considerably more keen pace than in the past quarter and as administration segment development mollified marginally.  Higher oil costs in the quarter likely buttressed Read more about Algeria Country Report[…]

Country report Azerbaijan

Economic Overview Bolstered by positive terms of exchange and balancing out oil generation, Azerbaijan’s economy extended by 1.3% in the main portion of 2018.  As the impacts of the 2015 devaluation blurred away, yearly expansion directed to 2.3% in the main portion of 2018. The by and large financial recuperation, however unobtrusive, is probably going Read more about Country report Azerbaijan[…]

Country Report Aruba

Economic Overview The travel industry, oil bunkering, neighborliness, and money related and business administrations are the backbones of the little open Aruban economy. Tourism represents a dominant part of monetary movement; starting at 2014, over 1.7 million visitors visited Aruba yearly, with the vast lion’s share of those from the US. The quick development of Read more about Country Report Aruba[…]

Country Report Armenia

Economic Overview Armenia’s economy in 2017 encountered its most elevated development rate in 10 years. The “velvet unrest” and power progress don’t seem to have disturbed the ideal macroeconomic patterns that started in 2017, as GDP enrolled 8.3% development year-on-year (y-o-y) in the main portion of 2018. Speculation, which has been discouraged as of late, Read more about Country Report Armenia[…]