Country report Puerto Rico

Economic overview Puerto Rico is considered the high-income economy in the Caribbean and the most competitive economy in Latin America. Puerto Rico has a highly educated and skilled workforce and is considered a US customs territory which allows US companies to establish themselves in Puerto Rico. The economy is considered highly vulnerable to changes in Read more about Country report Puerto Rico[…]

Country report Poland

Economic overview Since joining the EU, Poland has had the need for the construction and modernization of various infrastructures to reach EU standards: from railway, road, motorway and airport infrastructure, to health, urban, etc. Therefore, as part of the economic and social cohesion policy, with the aim of promoting balanced and sustainable development throughout the Read more about Country report Poland[…]

Country report Perù

Economic overview Perù’s government has announced the launch of more than 30 public-private projects worth nearly $9 billion, aimed at boosting the economy hit by violent anti-government protests. The projects, involving road infrastructure, energy and sanitation, are set to start between this year and 2024, according to state investment promotion agency head Jose Salardi, speaking Read more about Country report Perù[…]

Country report Oman

Economic overview The Sultanate presents itself as a country capable of reconciling tradition and modernity, economic development, but also social progress, through careful management of the fundamental levers of the economy, which has made it possible to keep inflation under control despite an accommodating monetary policy aimed at promote growth. Member of the Customs Union Read more about Country report Oman[…]

Country report The Netherlands

Economic overview The Netherlands is the fifth largest economy in the Economic and Monetary Union (after Germany, France, Italy and Spain) and boasts the third highest GDP per capita in the Eurozone, after Luxembourg and Ireland (Eurostat). According to the World Bank’s “Doing Business 2020” report, they are ranked 24th out of 190 countries for Read more about Country report The Netherlands[…]