Dominican Republic country report

Economic overview The Dominican Republic has played a leading role in the Latin American area for years. It is among the countries with the highest and most constant growth, thanks to political stability and various international agreements. Despite some slowdowns due to external factors (increase in oil prices and interest rates on global markets), the Read more about Dominican Republic country report[…]

Country report Denmark

Economic overview If the Eurozone economic crisis spread – triggering a vicious circle – first in the United States and then in emerging economies, consumer and business confidence would collapse internationally and world trade would slow down. The impact of the collapse in international demand could prove particularly severe on the Danish economy, whose GDP Read more about Country report Denmark[…]

Country report Cuba

Economic overview On November 15, 2021, Cuba witnessed two failures which, despite affecting different sectors – politics and tourism – have had the same result: the profound disappointment of the people, in the face of an expectation encouraged by the events of last summer and the decline in Covid infections. In January 2021, the government Read more about Country report Cuba[…]

Country report Congo

Economic overview A state among the richest in natural resources in Africa, the DRC has long been at the center of the interests of many great powers. Tons of cobalt are extracted here and transported to Chinese refineries. The smuggling of gold supports that of arms, opposing the international community’s attempts at pacification. The country Read more about Country report Congo[…]

Country report China

Economic overview The macroeconomic information coming from China is worrying. Bad debts from government, local governments and businesses are steadily increasing. Power plants are running out of fuel. The real estate market is in collapse. The Chinese Academy of Sciences has just lowered its economic growth forecasts for next year to 5.2%. It is difficult Read more about Country report China[…]

Country report Chile

Economic overview In 2020, GDP contracted by 6%, due to the negative impact of adverse weather conditions on mining, the US-China trade war, continuing social unrest and the coronavirus pandemic.  Copper exports and prices have started to rise again, and private consumption is expected to grow by more than 8%, supported by pension withdrawal receipts. Read more about Country report Chile[…]