Country Report Angola

Angola Economic Overview Fundamental national records information uncovered that the economy stayed stuck in subsidence in the second from last quarter of 2018, as GDP shrank 1.6% yearly in the midst of an expansive based weakening in financial action.  The nation’s extremely imperative oil part posted one more compression in Q3, while the other key Read more about Country Report Angola[…]

Country Report Australia

Economic Overview In 2017, the expansion rate in Australia has been around 1.9%, while compensation developed by 2.1% (in this way genuine wages development was at an insignificant 0.2%). The Australian net obligation is still low by worldwide principles, at 18.9% of GDP in the financial year 2016– 17. The Government is trying to expand Read more about Country Report Australia[…]

Country Report Mali

Economic Overview Landlocked Mali’s economy is mostly confined to the area irrigated by the Niger River, but the government is encouraging diversification. Restrained public spending and stable monetary policy have stimulated a growing entrepreneurial sector. More efforts are needed to address endemic corruption and poor infrastructure. Rigid labor regulations hurt job growth, and the underdeveloped Read more about Country Report Mali[…]

French Guiana Country Report

Economic Overview French Guiana has a developing market economy, patterned on that of metropolitan France and sustained by aid and technical assistance from France. A French rocket-launching base at Kourou, used by the European Space Agency, is of great importance to the economy of French Guiana, accounting for about one-fourth of the country’s annual GDP Read more about French Guiana Country Report[…]

Country Report Fiji

Fiji is one of the most developed of the Pacific Island economies. However, it remains a developing country with a large subsistence agricultural sector; it relies very heavily on its sugar industry, as well as its travel and tourism and fishing industries. Sugar exporting makes up one-third of the country’s industrial activity, and that, along Read more about Country Report Fiji[…]

Country Report Folkland Islands

Economic Overview Almost the whole area of the two main islands, outside of Stanley, is devoted to sheep farming. The wool is sold in Great Britain and is the Falklands’ leading land-based export. In the late 20th century the government instituted policies to encourage an increase in the number of smaller, locally operated farms rather Read more about Country Report Folkland Islands[…]

Country Report Macau

Economic Overview Since opening up its locally-controlled casino industry to foreign competition in 2001, Macau has attracted tens of billions of dollars in foreign investment, transforming the territory into one of the world’s largest gaming centers. Macau’s gaming and tourism businesses were fueled by China’s decision to relax travel restrictions on Chinese citizens wishing to Read more about Country Report Macau[…]

Country Report Senegal

Economic Overview Following quite a while of extremely humble development, the Government of Senegal adopted the Plan Senegal Emergent (PSE) in 2014. The improvement plan is intended to get Senegal out of a cycle of low-development and frail destitution decrease. Fundamental figures put Senegal’s monetary development at 6.8 percent by 2017—the third year in succession Read more about Country Report Senegal[…]

Norfolk Island Economic Report

Economic Overview From 1979 until 2015, the island held a large degree of self-government, but this was brought to an end by the Australian Government. The changes resulted in the breaking up of the Norfolk Island Legislative Assembly, the Norfolk Island Government, and local public service. The Legislative Assembly was replaced by a regional council, Read more about Norfolk Island Economic Report[…]