Country report India

Economic overview According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Indian economy grew by 9.5% in 2021, after the deep contraction of 2020, when the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) had collapsed by 7.3%. In absolute value, the Indian GDP was, in September 2021, about half a percentage point higher than the pre-pandemic levels. Also according Read more about Country report India[…]

Country report Iceland

Economic overview As a function of economic stimulus, the monetary authorities in May 2021 confirmed the official interest rate at 0.75% in order to favor an economic recovery trend, with a reasonable forecast that this level will be maintained for a good part of the year. course. Following the relevant government interventions in the economy, Read more about Country report Iceland[…]

Country report Hungary

Economic overview Hungary has adopted in 2021 and for the current year an economic policy strategy focused on fighting the pandemic and relaunching the economy, trying to preserve policies for families and pensions, business support measures, housing and employment programs. A further priority objective concerned the protection of the purchasing power of households from increases, Read more about Country report Hungary[…]

Country report Honduras

Economic overview On January 27, Xiomara Castro assumed the post of president of Honduras. His speech was vibrant, in which he made it clear that he was receiving a bankrupt, looted country, with a debt that amounted to over 20 billion dollars, and with a clientelist structure practically intact of corruption and impunity, which in Read more about Country report Honduras[…]

Country report Hong Kong 

Economic overview The rigid public finance constraints dictated by the Basic Law traditionally represent a limit to the capacity of the Hong Kong administration to guide the development of the city and to cope with its social emergencies. The annual appropriations must in fact respect the principles of sound financial management referred to in Article Read more about Country report Hong Kong […]

Country report Ghana

Economic overview Ghana has long been a country that, in the African panorama, “works” in a virtuous way. That is, it combines satisfactory performances – among African countries it is generally in the high rankings along a whole series of economic, political, social, technological and other indicators – with great reliability over time. The continuity Read more about Country report Ghana[…]