Country report Macedonia

Economic overview After the recession caused by Covid-19 and the sharp drop in GDP of 6% in 2020, the Macedonian economy recorded a 4% growth in 2021, thanks to the recovery of domestic consumption, greater mobility, the return of the diaspora and the government support measures. Private investment still remains weak.  Despite the recovery in Read more about Country report Macedonia[…]

Country report Luxembourg

Economic overview The per capita GDP of Luxembourg, the smallest of the European Union states in terms of territory and population, is among the highest in the European Union (about 80,000 euros). The most important sector for the country is currently the financial one, which contributes 30% of the gross domestic product. Luxembourg vies with Read more about Country report Luxembourg[…]

Country report Liechtenstein

Economic overview Liechtenstein is a member of numerous international organizations and bodies. Among others, it is a member of the Council of Europe, the United Nations (UN), the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). Since 1923, there has been a Customs Union Treaty with Switzerland through Read more about Country report Liechtenstein[…]

Country report Jamaica

Economic overview In 2021, the country came out of the recession due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the crisis, the usually low growth rate was on the rise, while unemployment and underemployment were decreasing, fueling widespread crime linked especially to drug trafficking. Economic reforms have made it possible to keep inflation and deficits under control; Read more about Country report Jamaica[…]

Country report Japan

Economic overview The Japanese economy in 2021 followed a path determined by pandemic waves, with an alternation of expansions and contractions. 2021 was another extraordinarily volatile year for the Japanese economy, with less extreme variations compared to 2020, but with a persistent alternation of expansion and contraction, dictated by the trend of the pandemic and Read more about Country report Japan[…]

Country report Italy

Economic overview Italian GDP is expected to continue growing both in 2022 (+ 2.8%) and in 2023 (+ 1.9%), albeit slowing down compared to 2021. In the forecast two-year period, the increase in GDP will mainly be determined by the contribution of domestic demand net of inventories (respectively +3.2 and +1.9 percentage points) while net Read more about Country report Italy[…]