Country report Bulgaria 2022

Economic overview An emerging but integrated market in the European Union, with important elements of attraction for Italian companies, namely the low cost of labor and energy, accompanied by advantageous tax policies.  This is the picture that Bulgaria can offer to companies that are not yet present in the country, without considering the many sectors Read more about Country report Bulgaria 2022[…]

Country report Bosnia and Herzegovina

Economic overview In this phase of the accession process to the European Union, Bosnia and Herzegovina cooperates with the other countries of the Western Balkans in the context of the so-called Berlin Process, which represents a complementary aspect of the integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans into the Union. . Following the Read more about Country report Bosnia and Herzegovina[…]

Country report Bhutan

Economic overview Although Bhutan is endowed with various natural resources (dense forests, mineral deposits and basins that can be used for the production of hydro-electric energy), the use of these resources is still severely limited by the climatic conditions and the complex morphology of the territory. Agriculture remains the country’s main economic activity, with an Read more about Country report Bhutan[…]

Country report Belgium

Economic overview In its new forecast, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development has sharply increased its growth forecast to 4.4 %% for 2022 (compared to 4% and 3.7%). Despite this vigorous recovery, the world economy still shows an income loss of $ 3 trillion compared to the pre-covid situation. It’s certainly huge, but it’s Read more about Country report Belgium[…]

Country report Bangladesh

Economic overview Bangladesh has made great progress in reducing poverty and is now among the middle-income countries. However, the country, which has a very high population density, continues to be marked by marked social inequalities and a high percentage of poor people, especially in urban areas. Resource scarcity and the repercussions of climate change are Read more about Country report Bangladesh[…]