Country report Liechtenstein

Economic overview

The quoted forecasts and estimates from the IMF for 2020 and 2021 on anticipated financial development, unemployment and other economic indicators date from before the COVID-19 emergency. The refreshed estimates on the referenced monetary pointers will be distributed when they become accessible. 

Liechtenstein, whose economy is intensely reliant on the financial and banking sectors (around 33% of GDP), has the most elevated GDP per capita on the planet by a huge edge in front of Luxembourg and Qatar (UN Statistics). Its high presentation to universal markets and little populace (38.5 thousand individuals in 2019) are wellsprings of unpredictability. Financial movement has improved since the downturn in 2009, however stays frail and contracted indeed by 1.9% in 2015 (Liechtenstein Office of Statistics). 

The GDP growth was assessed to tumble to 1.1% in 2018, down from 3.8% in 2017 on the rear of exacerbating worldwide exchange conditions. Nonetheless, there are no pertinent measurements for 2019 yet, both at national and worldwide level. As indicated by the most recent CIA information, horticulture represents 7% and utilizes 0.8% of the workforce, business represents 41% and utilizes 36.9%, and administrations represents 52% of GDP and utilizes 62.3%. Fundamental agrarian items incorporate wheat, grain, corn, potatoes, domesticated animals, and dairy items. 

 Industrial production ranges from gadgets, metal assembling, dental items, earthenware production, pharmaceuticals, and nourishment items to accuracy instruments, the travel industry, and optical instruments.

Main sectors of industry

Banking and Financial Services 

The principle segment in this industry is that of banking and account. The country has set up itself as a priceless money related community for remote residents and organizations. Truth be told, all in all, the nation has more enlisted organizations than its number of residents. The little realm has in any event 73,000 substances, which are chiefly companies, trusts, and establishments that are for the most part claimed by outsiders. 

This very much created segment is one reason why the realm has a positive expectation for everyday comforts contrasted with other bigger nations in Europe. A portion of the reasons why individuals love the money related administrations of Liechtenstein incorporate a low pace of tax collection, exacting privacy, and corporate administration guidelines. 

Today, the segment provides jobs to around 16% of the total workforce. 

Imports and Exports 

Another noteworthy division of administrations is centered around the exportation and importation of merchandise. Fares from the nation have made considerable progress contrasted with earlier years. For instance, in 1988, the estimation of fares was around $1.21 billion while the worth multiplied to around $2.9 billion out of 2008. A portion of the fares (about 15.7%) go to their nearby neighbor, Switzerland, while a bigger rate (around 62.6%) is sent out to the European Union. The remainder of the world gets about 21.1% of the fares. 

Industry and Manufacturing 

About 40% of the country’s workforce works in this segment, which is profoundly situated towards exports. The division makes up about 40% of the yearly GDP of the principality. Small companies are profoundly particular for explicit markets. To stay productive and serious, they use substantial utilization of innovative work. The enterprises incorporate hardware and gear assembling and gadgets. One of the significant advantages that these private companies have is access to the European market. 


Farming used to be a significant industry in the country. Notwithstanding, Liechtenstein has experienced such huge changes over the most recent five decades that horticulture is currently a minor industry. Actually, there is no other nation in the west that has experienced such a transient rise, that period. 

The travel industry 

The country likewise tries to be a pioneer in the travel industry segment. So as to accomplish this objective, the territory has a promoting association known as Liechtenstein Marketing. This association works related to the national the travel industry division and different accomplices. The salary produced changes relying upon factors like climate and the economy.

Taxation in Liechtenstein

Resident companies are taxes on their overall income, with the exception of benefits got from remote branches and outside steady property, which are charge excluded. Land capital additions from Liechtenstein sources are absolved to the degree they are dependent upon land capital increases charge. Alien organizations are burdened on perpetual foundation/branch pay or potentially salary from steadfast property situated in Liechtenstein.

  • The standard corporate income tax rate is 12.5%. Separate capital gains tax applies to sales of real property
  • A minimum tax of CHF 1,800 applies (except for small businesses). 
  • Dividends received by a resident company are exempt from taxation.

Investing in Liechtenstein

From the most recent information accessible from UNCTAD, FDI streams to the nation were negative by USD 87.2 billion out of 2018. 

The nation has an appealing fiscal program, basic fuse laws and progressively exacting guidelines as far as banking matters. In that capacity, Liechtenstein is a solid site for national and universal organizations. 

What separates Liechtenstein from its European neighbors is that the nation is for the most part open to private companies which are likewise empowered by the central authorities.

 With a maximum income tax rate of 20% and a noteworthy number of tax and investments agreements, the little nation offers numerous different advantages to foreign investors. 

The corporate tax in Liechtenstein is one of the lowest t rate in Europe: 12.5%. Likewise, a considerable lot of the enterprisers originating from abroad are intrigued with how quick the organization enlistment process goes in Liechtenstein on account of the absence of redtape. 

Liechtenstein is likewise part of the European Economic Area, much the same as Switzerland, and in this way it profits by extraordinary arrangements in its relations with the European Union. 

Liechtenstein positions among the best nations in the world with regards to setting up insurance companies and investment funds. Regardless of whether it’s anything but an EU part, Liechtenstein has consented to various arrangements with the EU states which empower the last to set up organizations in the speculation finances segment in Liechtenstein. 

Liechtenstein has one of the most steady economies in Europe, which is the reason rating offices have offered triple An appraisals for quite a while in succession now. The last AAA rating got by Liechtenstein was acquired in July 2017 from Standard and Poor’s.