Country report Andorra

Economic overview

Andorra’s economy is subject to unfamiliar exchange and depends essentially on the travel industry, business and monetary administrations. Development has gotten gradually as of late yet stays delicate to outer shocks. Andorra’s development has been moderately steady since 2016. The World Bank assessed the 2019 GDP development to be 1.85%. As a little, exceptionally thought economy with a high reliance on the travel industry, Andorra was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. As indicated by Fitch gauges, genuine GDP shrunk by 11.4% in 2020. As per a similar rating organization, the economy is relied upon to recuperate at 4.3% in 2021 and 3.4% in 2022, subject to worldwide financial recuperation. 

The Covid pandemic will likewise debilitate Andorra’s public funds. In 2020, the overall government balance is projected to be negative at 8.0% of GDP, from an overflow of 2.2% last year, driven via programmed stabilizers and a significant upgrade bundle, assessed to arrive at EUR 130 million (5.2% of GDP) in 2020. 

The resumption of GDP development and consistent however declining monetary help to the economy should bring about the financial shortage narrowing to 2.4% of GDP in 2021 and 1.2% in 2022 (Fitch Ratings). Notwithstanding the decreased work remittance plot, measures because of the pandemic fundamentally comprise of lease appropriations and government managed retirement commitments, just as paid leave for isolated representatives. Gross public obligation as a proportion to GDP expanded to 48 % in 2020, from 35.4 % in 2019, expected to diminish progressively from 2022.

Main sectors of industry


Andorra’s regular assets are generally restricted however incorporate possible hydroelectric-power, mineral water, lead, lumber, iron metal, and natural aquifers, which have brought about the creation a portion of Europe’s greatest wellbeing spa resorts. Because of its rocky scene, cultivating is restricted. Indeed, just 2% of land in Andorra is appropriate for cultivating. All things considered, the development of oats like grain, wheat, rye, and oats, just as the raising of steers and sheep, happens in the Valira Valley. 


Andorra’s essential made merchandise incorporate furnishings, cigarettes, and stogies for trade. Cigarettes are a lot less expensive in Andorra than in France or Spain because of the country’s status as a duty shelter. Thus, the sneaking of cigarettes out of the nation has turned into a critical test, particularly during the 1990s, as carried cigarettes represented 15% of all cigarettes in Spain. The issue brought about serious political and discretionary pressing factors on the Andorran government by the EU and part states. 

Services, Trade And Tourism

The administrations area is the biggest part of Andorra’s economy. Specifically, the travel industry represents over 80% of GDP. Guests, particularly from Spain and France, group to the country all year to look for merchandise, for example, watches, cigarettes, electronic products, and adornments. 

Vacationers additionally visit the country throughout the colder time of year to ski at different hotels like Soldeu. Other vacation spots incorporate the little frosty lakes that dab Andorra’s mountain scene. The biggest icy lake will be Lake Juclar, which covers a space of 28 hectares and draws in huge number of vacationers who need to encounter its untainted nature. The nation gets in excess of 10 million unfamiliar guests every year, which is the most elevated traveler per capita proportion on the planet.

Taxation in Andorra

Global framework of taxation and corporate tax rate in Andorra:

  • The corporate tax rate varies from 2% to 10% maximum;
  • no tax on dividends or on wealth;
  • absence of inheritance rights;
  • no real estate tax;
  • no tax on company cars;
  • low social security (CASS) contributions;
  • the VAT rate (IGI, Indirect General Tax) is the lowest in Europe: 4,5%.

Investing in Andorra

In 2017, it was viewed as the second-best country on the planet to put resources into, by International advisors Bradley Hackford, because of its course of homologation and straightforwardness perceived by the OCDE. These progressions have allowed Andorra to stay in a circumstance of equivalent conditions with adjoining economies, just as permitting the nation to turn into a high level objective for new areas and organizations. 

Unfamiliar physical and lawful organizations can put resources into Andorra in organizations, land, portfolios and others. 

Organization charge, individual income charge and on the income for non-inhabitants is under 10%. General deals charge is 4,5%. Your ventures will be dependent upon less maintenances in Andorra than in another country. 

Since the start of the course of monetary opening, unfamiliar venture has become by around 500% in less than 10 years, and has set out new areas of freedom. 

It has arrangements to stay away from twofold inconvenience with different nations. France, Spain, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, Portugal, U.A.E., Malta and Cyprus.